In this page, you will find the answers to the questions that are commonly asked about locks and keys.

Do you need help understanding the meaning of lock rekey and repair or how vital is to have the locks replaced occasionally? Any question you might have about keys, your security and locks can be answered here. Check out the following answers to several frequently asked questions below

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How much time does a lock installation or repair take?

Since anyone can easily install locks, the time of installation, repair and even replacement could last for about 15 minutes or less. With asking professionals to handle the job, it could be taken cared of within a short period of time and the locks that will be used are much better than the ones that have been broken.

What grade of door lock is best for my home?

There are different door lock grades that you can choose from. For a residential home, locksmith experts would recommend a Grade 3 door lock. By getting the right grade of door lock, you can get the confidence of keeping high security that you want for your home at all times.

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