Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Find what you want to know about our Locksmith Company and services by reading customers' testimonials

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If you are hesitant in regard to trusting our locksmith company without some kind of confirmation about our abilities and experience, check out the testimonials of satisfied customers here below. They share their experiences, and their opinion will certainly help you form a first opinion about us

Helped me with key issues

"I am really grateful for the fast service of your company. I locked up the house for the night but when I tried to remove the key, it seemed to be stuck. I tried to turn it, lock and unlock the door again, but the key wouldn't move. A mobile locksmith came over my house shortly after and managed to retrieve the key, fix the problem and made me a new key. Everything happened very quickly and I was more than pleased with the work, the fast response time and the courtesy of the technician. What an excellent customer service!"

Unlocked the steering wheel immediately

"I got in the car alright but when I tried to move the steering wheel, it was stiff. I don't know if it was a problem with the ignition car key because I couldn't turn it either. I tried my best but didn't use too much force in fear of causing damage. Then I remembered that I had called Locksmith Westwind Houston once and I was happy with the service. I called back and one of the locksmiths got there quickly. He unlocked the steering wheel, checked the ignition and the key and had everything fixed. Splendid service!"

Fast service rekeying our new locks

"I wanted the locks at our new house rekeyed so I checked on the internet and this company had some of the best reviews. The technician arrived really fast, explained how long it would probably take and then got to work immediately. In less than an hour he had all the locks rekeyed perfectly. The nice thing was that he didn't try to talk me into buying something we didn't need and was totally professional and did a great job. All around great service and I'd definitely call the company again for any sort of locksmith service in the future."

Repaired my deadbolt in minutes!

One of the deadbolt locks in my town house stopped working and we couldn't open the door. I called these guys and their locksmith came out to take a look. He arrived in less than an hour and spent some time working with the lock trying to get it to open. He then took it apart and replaced a couple of broken parts, put it back together and it worked perfectly. The lock also wasn't fitting the door jamb properly and he fixed that too. All in all, a great experience. No mess, no fuss, and my deadbolt now works just like new again. I'll happily refer these folks to anyone needing locksmith service.

Melanie Walker

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