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You have just found a valuable source of practical tips in the locksmith field. This page contains advice on a variety of topics related to door locks and keys. Read the entire content carefully and make full use of it. All tips are straightforward, simple to understand and easy to apply.

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Preventing sliding doors from being a security loophole

Intruders will find every open loophole to enter your home unannounced. Having said that, glass sliding doors are usually seen as an inviting opening, which is lifted off the track. To keep them secured, try installing a double deadbolt lock, which will make it difficult for anyone to open the lock without the proper key.

Keeping a lock de-icer handy

The moisture inside the lock of your exterior doors and car door locks can get frozen, causing the key to stuck or become useless. The de-icer thaws the ice and restores the functionality of your lock in the process.

Leaving your home safely when going on a family holiday

To keep thieves from breaking in while you are away, always make sure that numerous security measures are up. Our experts recommend keeping your locks, deadbolts, security cameras, and alarm systems fully operational. You may also leave a few interior and exterior lights as well as the radio on to give the impression that the home’s not empty.

Unsticking a stuck key

If you find that a key has stuck inside a lock, one of the problems may be that the lock's tumblers have some debris caked around them. Use a small tube of powdered graphite and spray it into the lock to provide lubrication. This usually works like a charm. However, if the key is still stuck, then it's time to call a professional locksmith who has the tools and expertise to extract the key without doing damage to the lock.

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